Tuesday, September 9, 2014

A Holistic Health Experience at Meta Factor Wellness Center | Beautiful Life

Holistic Health (or holistic medicine) is, according to the Wikipedia, a diverse field of alternative medicine, in which the "whole person" is focused on, and not just the malady itself.

Meta Factor Wellness Center adhere to this principle, thus, it caters to men and women of all ages, shapes and sizes who are seeking the latest non-invasive and pain-free methods in slimming, dermatology, dentistry, weight management, pain rehabilitation, lifestyle coaching and nutrition.

The center is a one-stop-shop for health and beauty, run by doctors, dermatologists, physical therapists and nutritionists.  A brainchild of the Yap Group of Companies (Manila Bulletin, Euromed, Hemotek), Meta Factor Wellness Center is the solution to total well-being,  Aside from the professional services they offer, Meta Factor boasts of the latest machines, which claim to be first in the country or even Asia, nestled in facilities that is pleasant and world-class.

Meta Face

Non-invasive, pain-free, non-surgical. Those are the words we want to hear when we go to a dermatologist.  It was amazing to see all these machines that will magically remove fine lines, wrinkles, fats, blotches, unwanted hair, warts, etc.  Magical, for the results are almost instant.  

Meta Smile

One may have a flawless face, vibrant skin, beautiful body, but a turn-off when he or she has bad teeth.  Meta Factor has the latest in dental care, with a matching micro camera attached to a dental instrument, so we can see each tooth on a mega screen in front of the dental chair.  Aside from basic dental care, Meta Factor also offers cosmetic dentistry, endodontics and prosthrodontics, using the latest in technology and procedures.

Meta Body

Meta Factor offers services in strength and body conditioning, contouring, weight management, injury rehabilitation, pain management and relaxation.  Here we will find licensed physical therapists and professional masseuses working with the focus on making us not only feel and look good, but also help in recovery from any bodily pain experience.  

The body facilities are complete with the latest gym equipment, with my favorite Power Plate, wherein you just stand for 10 minutes, and burn an equivalent of 30 minutes' run.  How is that for an "effortless" workout?  What is great about the facilities are the exclusivity it gives to obese clients, which make them feel comfortable and enjoy their privacy.

Did I mention that Meta Factor also has a Hydro Therapy Pool?  It is like a treadmill underwater, and more!  The first of its kind in the country, this hydro pool is high tech with corresponding buttons to manipulate the water's resistance, according to your strength. Isn't t that neat?  Great as an alternative therapy in pain management, strengthening, sports injury rehabilitation for all levels, young and old.  Most of all, it's fun!

M-Volution Nutrition

Partnering with Meta Factor Wellness Center is Martinilly's Restaurant, located right next door. Nutrition is equally important to achieve total health.  Supervised by a nutritionist and overseen and tested by resto owner-partners Willy Pineda and Martin Santos, the holistic approach to health has not come to naught. Eating the right food that is suitable for your program helps a lot in slimming the healthy way.  

At Meta Factor Wellness Center, they truly make a difference.

Meta Factor Wellness Center
Baypark, Roxas Blvd. Service Road, Malate, Manila
Telephone: +632 353 3130
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