Friday, September 5, 2014

Going Back in Time with Barbara

Growing up, I have visited Intramuros a number of times as I would join my mother take her foreign guests to this famed walled city.  I have always been intrigued with Philippine history, from the colonization of the Spaniards, to the events that folded during World War II.  There was so much to grasp in my then very young mind, but thanks to the existence of Intramuros, I would imagine how it must have been during those times, with this city within a city at the center of them all.

Lately, I have visited Intramuros by the invitation of a colleague in social media, Mr. Jeffrey Enriquez.  He asked me to dine at Barbara's Heritage Restaurant and re-discover Filipino food, and watch a cultural show.  As Intramuros is close to my heart, it was not hard for me to accept.  The structure where Barbara stands is, for me, one of the most charming architectures to be found in this walled city.  

Aside from other places of interest like the Fort Santiago, Manila Cathedral and San Agustin church, Barbara's has maintained its Spanish era architecture, complete with a patio, and a few steps away is a charming courtyard with a dainty fountain.  Plus, some of the cobbled stone streets in these parts are still intact.

Going back to Barbara's was a walk in time, but with a twist... I am about to enjoy a Filipino buffet dinner and a cultural show, performed by Kultura Filipina.  As a dancer, I always look forward to dance performances, and that include folk dance.  My favorites are Singkil and Tinikling, both difficult feats as it involves bamboos clipping on your feet.  

Here is a video of the Tinikling dance by Kultura Filipina.  They perform nightly.

But going back to Barbara's buffet, I was happy to see a wide array of Filipino food, from fresh lumpia ubod, pancit malabon, to luscious desserts like bibingka and leche flan.  For me, the best dish was their kalderetang baka (stewed beef), and the laing, a Bicol specialty that's yummy in the palate for its delicate spices

Fresh Lumpia Ubod
Beef Salpicao
Calamares Rebosado

Barbara's is run and owned by Mrs. Barbara Gordon-Delos Reyes and has been established in 1986 with the company name Barbara's Food and Catering Services.  With over 30 years in the food and catering business, from creating Admiral Manila Restaurant in Malate to managing the posh Makati Skyline, Barbara herself is a legend in the restaurant industry.  Truly, a legacy of fine food.

Open daily.  

Lunch Buffet with Strings Entertainment: Php 495++ per person
Dinner Buffet with Cultural Show: Php 645++ per person

Barbara's Heritage Restaurant
General Luna Street
Intramuros, Manila
Tel. +632 5463403 or +632 5274083

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