Friday, July 11, 2014

Las Paellas BF Homes Bring Excitement to Family Dining

Spanish cuisine has a lot of influence in Filipino cooking, a fusion of two not so different cultures.  Rice, being the most basic among them, most Filipinos  cannot last a day without eating this grain, whether it be brown, white or red. True to form, a paella dish is a favorite, a big hit to each Filpino.

So why not name a restaurant after this dish?  Las Paellas has been around the past decade, spearheaded by Mr. Raton Del Gallego in partnership with award-winning Chef John Cu-Unjieng.  Branches sprouted in Metro Manille, and the latest one is located along Aguirre Street inside BF Homes in Paranaque City.

Having been a regular customer at different Las Paellas branches, I am happy to discover the new one in Paranaque, as I live down south of the Metro. Among the many ways of cooking paellas, my favorite is the Paella Valenciana, with generous portions of seafood, pork and chicken.  The saffron rice is magnificently cooked and one order is good to share for 3 people.  I also tried garlicky salpicao and the beef just melted in my mouth. So tasty, it also went well with the paella. Throwing away my planned diet to be done next week, I continued on to coffee and dessert. The frozen Canonigo was just heaven.  

Forget everything and just enjoy your meal, that's what I always say. Dining with family and good friends is what attracts Las Paellas BF Homes, as it is in the heart of a residential area. When the place is full, customers can occupy the dining area of Cafe Cubana, which sits right next door, easily accessible through an adjoining entrance.  Cafe Cubana is another delicious story for me to tell in my future blog. 

Las Paellas is also known for their affordable prices.  Large groups of families can always come back and eat their money's worth of meals. Truly, Las Paellas BF Homes has just added a new excitement to family dining.


256 Aguirre Street
BF Homes, Paranaque City
Tel. +632 820 5888