Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Original Pilipino Music is Alive with The OPM Hitmen

The OPM Hitmen live! @PRIMOS

When was the last time you attended a show and sang along with almost every song performed? That is what happened to me when I watched The OPM Hitmen live.... not only once, but twice!  I watched them at the Music Museum last February for a pre-Valentine show, and lately, at Primos Cuisine and Lounge in Greenfield District, Mandaluyong City.

Like a good movie, I do not mind watching The OPM Hitmen, again.  The combined performance on stage by versatile and world-class artists Richard Reynoso, Rannie Raymundo, Chad Borja and Renz Verano is something to witness.  Not only do they sing tremendously well, but their camaraderie, wit and humour is a huge factor in the show.  In the music industry, it is rare to find a group that has great chemistry on and off stage.  Being friends for years now, it is evident that these four gentlemen enjoy what they are doing. Like a chain reaction, the audience in return appreciate their natural "alaskahan", and laughs and sings along with them.

Of course, each member of The OPM Hitmen sang their signature song that made them popular, winning the hearts of many.  Different versions of their songs were even recorded by various artists in the recent years.  One cannot let a good song fade away, especially when it touches the heart and soul of a listener.  

Mr. Richard Reynoso, "Paminsan-Minsan"

Richard Reynoso, who is also a TV and movie actor, sang his hit song, "Paminsan-Minsan".  He is known in The OPM Hitmen as the guy who makes "pa-cute" in a funny, endearing way.  Reynoso has a long list of movie, TV, and hosting experiences up his sleeve, that performing OPM hits like "Hindi Magbabago", "Nandito Ako", "Sana'y Maulit Muli", were sang effortlessly.

Mr. Rannie Raymundo, "Why Can't It Be"

Rannie Raymundo, the most talented guy I know, who plays more than ten musical instruments, has composed more than a thousand songs, and who is also a respected magician, (yes, magician ... he has toured the world performing mind-boggling magic), sang the heart-wrenching, "Why Can't It Be", a song he wrote in the late 80's.  A lady-magnet, his heartthrob status in the 90's hasn't lost its magic touch till today. He is the genius behind the 70's/80's TV Commercial Medley number, which is one of the enjoyable highlights in the show.  

Mr. Chad Borja, "Ikaw Lang"

Chad Borja, the pride of Cebu, rendered his hit song, "Ikaw Lang", making the audience swoon with his unassuming charm.  Singing "Beautiful Girl" added more starry-eyed ladies in the audience mesmerized.  A thyroid cancer survivor, he has made a come back in the music industry last year, with more life and a positive energy everywhere he goes.

Mr. Renz Verano, "Remember Me"
And last, but definitely not the least, is the very talented Renz Verano, known for many hit songs he composed, and "Remember Me" is definitely a song that is remembered, and can never be forgotten.  A great balladeer in the Philippines, Verano possess one of the finest voices to hit the music industry.  A natural comedian, he is a delight to watch.  His antics and spontaneity adds to the craziness and fun already happening on stage.  

Watch their video on YouTube:

I grew up loving these Filipino songs.  Notable numbers for me in the show are the APO Hiking Society compositions, and the Harana Medley, where they sang one of my faves, "Tuwing Umuulan at Kapiling Ka."

OPM is definitely alive today! Thanks to these four gentlemen, and their friends behind this project, The OPM Hitmen are true ambassadors of Original Pilipino Music.

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