Thursday, April 3, 2014

Clubbing in the Sky

Everything seems to be shining... and sparkling on the roof deck of 71 Gramercy, the hip new club to hit Metro Manille.  The club, located on the 71st floor of Gramercy Residences along Kalayaan Avenue, Makati, is a dizzyingly new hangout place to wine, dine and dance!  It has three sections;  the fine-dining area, the luscious lounge with leather sofas, and the cool roof deck over-looking a great sparkling view of the city as far as the human eyes can see.

Newly weds, GP Reyes and pretty VJ Andy Manzano Reyes.

Sparklers Night Mondays was launched by the icon in nightlife and clubbing himself, Mr. Louie Ysmael and dashing co-owner, Mr. GP Reyes. Sparklers is so apt, as one feels like partying in between the starry heavens, and the glittering lights on earth.  Louie Y and GP want to bring back the heydays of the 90's, where cool DJ's mix tunes that automatically make people get up and dance.  There are four DJ's every Monday to satisfy our dance craving to start the week right; DJ's Funk Avy, Rico Arce, David Ardiente and CJ Rivera.  But if you want to have a more toned-down evening catching up with friends, the cozy lounge and fine-dining areas are perfect for that mood.

Enjoying the sights.  Gorgeous host from the group I Love MNL, Fran Oliva and yours truly.

I enjoyed staying out on deck, feeling the cool touch of evening summer breeze, while taking in the majestic view of the city below.  The crowd thickens as the night goes deeper, and the stomping, dancing feet is a giveaway that one just cannot take hip music sitting down.  Clubbing has taken new heights quite literally at Sparklers Night!

Classy canopy entrance to 71 Gramercy.

71 Gramercy is located along Kalayaan Ave., Makati City (former grounds of International School).  
For table bookings, please contact: 0915-5771356.  
For birthdays or any occasion packages, please e-mail:  
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