Thursday, March 20, 2014

Musicians Find New Home at PRIMOS

A "melting pot" is a metaphor for a society where many different people of various background come to live in a place to form a community, and function as one.  This best describe the atmosphere of Musician's Night happening every Monday at Primos Cuisine and Lounge! The resto-bar, which opened in October of last year, has a steady growth of patrons, many of whom are becoming regular customers, thanks to good food, good company and great music!

To add more meaning to the fun, Musician's Night was launched on March 10, 2014 and every Monday from then on, is a call of arms to all musicians, performing artists and music lovers to come over, pick up an instrument, play or sing and shine on stage! 

"A musician's heaven," Rannie Raymundo, one of the business partners at Primos, explained. "There is a whole new world in this Musician's Night.  You know how I love musicians, they are the unsung heroes," he continued.  "I want to create a new home for them." What can I say?  It is a brilliant idea, indeed!

So last Monday, off I went to Primos in Mandaluyong City with some friends to check it out... not as a musician, but as a spectator. Lo, and behold!  I have never seen so many musicians with big names in their own right all together in one venue.  To name a few, those present were drummer Benzon Ang, keyboard player Rey Infante, bassist Eric Jodloman, guitarist Angelo Garcia, harmonica genius Marcy Estrella, Japanese singer Aisaku Yokogawa, singer Trish Fernandez, musician Laura Austria, singer Zuzi Buenaventura Dizon, percussionist Mara Aliov, singer Lara Cuevas, harpist Ronnie Badilla, and ukalele player Jeffrey James. There were many more present at Primos, some upcoming musicians like Atty. Clarence Santos and Dennis Salazar.  They all went up on stage and did what they do best... play beautiful music!

Here's a video on YouTube:

It is a spectacle to see them jam, and perform on stage, enjoying their craft, experimenting with each other, and produce amazing results!  Each and every one plays with heart and soul, across different genre ... from the blues to jazz, from alternative rock to pop.  

One need not be a musician to come to Primos on Musician's Night.  Aside from the sumptuous food and refreshing drinks to enjoy, I say, we are all music lovers at heart, so this is something worth experiencing.  To witness all of them together in one stage is not only a treat, but a privilege. 

Monday nights will never be the same again!

Primos Cuisine and Lounge is located at The Hub, Greenfields District,  Mandaluyong City (formerly EDSA Central). Telephone number, (02) 584-2908.  Like them on Facebook, click here.