Sunday, April 20, 2014

Gracious Jacqui Magno Jams at Primos

Ms. Jacqui Magno jams during Musician's Night Mondays @PRIMOS,
with guitarist Angelo Garcia, drummer Benzon Ang, bassist Eric Jodloman and keyboard player Rey Infante.

"Yes, it really is her!", I said to myself when I spotted her at Primos Cuisine and Lounge. THE Ms. Jacqui Magno, Philippines' Queen of Jazz, and multi-awarded jazz artiste, was seated several tables away from me. I first came across Ms. Magno back in 1988, when I was part of a concert at the Araneta Coliseum, as a (then) young jazz dancer, under the tutelage of Douglas Nierras.  But that was like almost 26 years ago! Now, by fate, I was excited to hear her beautiful voice once again.  I have always been a fan, ever since I heard her song, "Capture the Changes," written by Boy Katindig.

Primos co-owner, Rannie Raymundo, reveals that he is a Jacqui Magno fan since 1984.

Ever so bubbly, so young at heart and a joy to talk to, Ms. Magno engages her audience not only on stage, but everyone who come to personally greet her.  It really was nice of her to come over to Primos and enjoy Musician's Night Mondays with bar co-owner and performing artist, Rannie Raymundo, together with other musicians present that evening.

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Everyone got excited when Ms. Magno finally went up on stage and performed a couple of songs, jamming with drummer Benson Ang, guitarist Angelo Garcia, bassist Eric Jodloman and keyboard player Rey Infante. It was another treat for the audience when Rannie came up on stage and sang with her a touching duet, "Someone to Watch Over Me."  It truly was another privileged night. There is no denying that Musician's Night Mondays just keeps getting better!

Enjoying the evening with harmonica genius, Marcy Estrella and her manager, Anna Ylagan.

An institution in the music industry since the mid-70's, starting with the Genesis Band and then making waves with the Circus Band, and many performances and recognition here and abroad, Ms. Jacqui Magno is timeless. But beyond her music, which is already a given, her positive attitude and vibrant energy in life is truly inspiring.  I so look forward to see her again!

Always a great atmosphere at Primos.  With me are Rey Infante, Pammy Houser, Rannie Raymundo,
Benzon Ang, Jacqui Magno, Anna Ylagan and Jeffrey Enriquez.

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Primos business partner Dickenston Zarate, Atty. Angge Cloma, Tricia Dela Torre, yours truly,
Rannie Raymundo, Primos GM Chi-Chi Flavier, Jacqui Magno and Anna Ylagan.

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