Saturday, April 26, 2014

Hypnotic Energy at Le Cafe Curieux

"Surfing in Turquoise", by Madame Chris Farre

What comes to mind when you hear anything French?  Is it food, their culture, or the arts? All of the above? Yes, it is possible.  Because all three .... food, culture and the arts can be found in one place, not in Paris, but right in the heart of Makati!  LE CAFE CURIEUX (kyur-i-u), in English meaning the cafe of curiosities, is a hole-in-the-wall authentic French restaurant located in between Polaris and Burgos Streets.

"Like a book that is closed".  From Le Feminin series.

Yes, that Burgos, the nightlife capital of Makati. Surprisingly tucked quietly in one of those small streets across Makati Palace Hotel, Le Cafe Curieux is a cozy place frequented by Filipinos who love French cuisine, and of course, by the French community living in Manila.  

Dining al fresco in French ambiance.

Having studied in France many years ago, I can vouch that the food and ambiance are authentic. Founded by Monsieur Laurent Tantini, who hails from Toulouse in Southern France, is actually a Filipino at heart.  He had his first venture in Palawan, making him love the Philippines even more.  It is also a pleasant surprise that dining at an authentic French restaurant need not be expensive.  At an average 250 to 350 Pesos for a dish, one cannot say that is pricey.  Match those with wines from LE CELLIER FRENCH WINE SELECTION, and your meal is truly heaven!

I met Madame Farre almost 20 years ago.  Truly a woman of essence.

An on-going art exhibit is also on display.  Most recent of them are the works of French artiste, Madame Chris Farre, who also hails from Toulouse, and has lived in the Philippines in the early 1990's, prior to living in other places in the world.  She was inspired by the aborigine art works in Australia, where she stayed in immersion, both in the field of art and spiritual searching, Madame Farre found new energy in creating from this aboriginal influence.  Hypnotic Energy is apt as her works can really hypnotize the viewer.  Her journeys are recorded through this art form. 

Photo art work by Monsieur Roland Radier.

Other photographic art works, which are worth appreciating, are by Monsieur Roland Radier, who is also one of the business partners at the restaurant.

Bienvenue chez Cafe Curieux!
French food, culture and art... rolled into one, only at Le Cafe Curieux, Makati.  A la prochaine fois!

The bar's bestseller; their homemade fruit-rum.  Don't leave the place without taking a shot!

In between Polaris and Burgos Streets, Bel-Air, Makati (across Makati Palace Hotel)
For reservation and private functions, please call: 0915-482-6371.
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