Monday, September 19, 2022

Meeting Hybrid Work Challenges with VCTNaDS and NinjaOne | Beautiful Life


Remote work is nothing new, but the Philippines saw more of it over the past two years. This happened because of countrywide suspensions of work and business operations—initially for just a couple of months but lasting for nearly a full year. Now, as the country moves to the so-called new normal, remote work appears to be here to stay, either as a standalone work model or as part of the hybrid work setup.

Either way, organisations will need to face a range of challenges that, if not met, may keep them from maximising either arrangement. Fortunately for local businesses, help is on the way with NinjaOne, the world’s first unified IT management platform for managed service providers and IT professionals and a global leader in Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) set to officially launch in the Philippines this October. It will, in particular, bring its world-leading RMM platform locally through is trusted channel partner, VCT Network and Data Solution (VCTNaDS), a Filipino-founded company focusing on premier IT products and services that aim to future-proof the daily operations of organisation.

With NinjaOne, along with VCTNaDS’ range of digital solutions, local organisations offering some form of remote work—or planning to offer it sometime soon—will be better equipped to handle the different challenges that come with managing a distributed work-anywhere workforce. Among these challenges are overseeing internal communication and collaboration, managing offsite devices, implementing uniform guidelines and securing the organisation’s IT infrastructure. (These challenges are outlined in detail in the NinjaOne report “Hybrid and Remote Employee Management 2022: Confronting Security, Operations, and Culture in Regulated Industries.”) 

Welcome to the Work-Anywhere Era

Despite the gradual return to normalcy all across the country, remote works appears to be here to stay. In a survey early this year by global tech firm Cisco, 59.6% of local employees admitted their preference for hybrid work, with an overwhelming majority (92.2%) saying they were happy with it and most (89.2%) believing that the arrangement improved their well-being. The results are similar to an earlier survey by local Software-as-a-Service provider Sprout solutions, which found that 91% of 8,184 employees surveyed wanted either a hybrid setup or complete remote work.

These findings are also in line with NinjaOne’s latest survey. This survey, part of the aforementioned report found that 90% of the employees surveyed wanted to work remotely or from home even at least once a week, if not more, with a good 25% or so preferring a fully remote setup. Whatever the case, all these findings suggest one thing: Employees globally—including those here in the Philippines—want to have work-anywhere arrangements. And businesses will be better served offering these new normal work paradigms, lest they risk having a disheartened staff or seeing employees jump ship to companies offering remote or hybrid setups.

Unified RMM Is Key to Thriving in the Work-Anywhere Era

Organisations, therefore, have no choice but to adopt to the changing times. Quite a few companies are doing so, to their credit, and are actually investing in the necessary IT tools and software for remote work. These investments notwithstanding, the reality is that many local businesses are still struggling to manage a remote workforce and the multiple new devices and applications that come with offering remote work.

That is understandable given how work in the Philippines has been largely office-based for the longest time. But if companies are going to thrive in this work-anywhere era, investing in digital solutions, like those available at VCTNaDS, is only half the battle. The other half is managing these tools, which you can do better and more efficiently if you can simplify and unify IT management into one platform.

Enter NinjaOne and its number one ranked NinjaRMM—a unified, cloud-based IT management platform that is an indispensable tool of IT teams worldwide. It combines automated IT management, multiplatform endpoint management, powerful patch management, cloud backup, IT support and even robust security. With almost everything controlled in a single pane of glass only, NinjaRMM greatly simplifies IT management and enables you, the end-user, to maximise remote and hybrid work arrangements.

A Launch Just in Time

Key IT decision-makers, C-Level executives and CIOs can have an up close and personal look at the best-in-class NinjaRMM in NinjaOne’s grand launch in the Philippines. It is scheduled on the 27th of October 2022 at the ColLab by Sheraton Manila.

The event is being organised by NinjaOne’s channel partner, VCTNaDS, which was established only in 2020 but has since become one of the country’s leading distributors of RMM and managed services. Bringing NinjaOne to local shorts is invariably part of VCTNaDS noble vision of being a diverse, reliable and dependable IT company committed to providing local businesses the most cost-effective information technology services and solutions.

Registration to this grand launch is currently ongoing.