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Modern Woman of the Week: Gen Blasurca-Duran Leads Development of Poten-Cee + ZN and Poten-Cee + ZN Advance | Beautiful Life

Gen Blasurca-Duran is the New Product Development and Regulatory Manager for Pascual Consumer Healthcare Corporation.

Taking vitamins to boost our immune system is now an everyday regimen. Among many skilled registered pharmacists in the Philippines, I have come across the work of Gen Blasurca-Duran, who heads the development of supplements that are already a household name for many Filipinos families. 

In a plethora of vitamins in the market today, she is particularly proud of their latest product, Poten-Cee + ZN and Poten-Cee + ZN Advance.  Let's meet our modern woman of the week.

1. Introduction and background

I am Erlind Genivieve Blasurca-Duran, my colleagues call me Gen. I am a Pharmacist by profession and graduated from Centro Escolar University. I am currently finishing my MBA degree at the Ateneo Graduate School of business. 

I have been immersed in regulatory affairs for more than 10 years and currently, I am the New Product Development and Regulatory Manager for Pascual Consumer Healthcare Corporation (PCHC), the marketing arm of PascualLab famous for products such as Ascof Lagundi, Poten-Cee, C-Lium Fibre, and Glutaphos.

A typical day at the office.

PCHC has entrusted me to expand its portfolio. This task gave me the ability to share something new with the Filipinos. A product they can use to improve their health and a product that they can trust to help improve the quality of life. This gave me a sense of fulfillment that I am able to contribute to the health and welfare of everyone who trusts our products.

2. What are the vitamins you developed?

I led the project management of new products for PCHC such as WellGreens Organic Sinta and all its new variants coming out in the market this July, Flavored C-Lium Fibre Husk (Dalandan, Pineapple, and Mango) and Poten-Cee + ZN and Poten-Cee + ZN Advance, the newest product in collaboration with Lloyd Laboratories Inc.

As a company, we want to give each family we touch the best and most relevant products.

The product development was a collaboration between the formulators of Leonie Agri Corporation (WellGreens) and other manufacturers and the direction for each new product is under the business leadership of the CEO and President of PCHC, Mr. Nicolas A. Lansang.

We also have the support and impeccable skill of the entire PascualLab, LAC, and PCHC family. I am very proud of our Marketing and Sales Team because they created amazing activities that will ensure that these wonderful products reach every home thru their campaigns, BTLs, and ATLs activities.  The development of these products from idea, to testing, to branding,  to trade name registration to FDA approval takes a painstaking commitment but as we realize that this will help each Filipinos attain good health, everything is worth it.

3. Can you narrate your experience in the process of finishing the product?

Leading the product development team of PCHC, I carefully review the formulation and product ideas that are presented to us. The leadership direction is that these products should be of the highest quality, safety, effectiveness, and acceptable pricing range, making them accessible to every Filipino we touch.

Gen at manufacturer audits.

On the careful and meticulous selection of products, I make sure that the product passes the FDA specified requirements such as quality, stability, purity, safety, and effectiveness based on stringent assays and tests.

Once we see that the product is viable and safe for public use, we then give the product a brand name and identity and we then register its trademark and acquire registration approval in FDA.

I then pass on the baton to our amazing marketing team who will set the direction on how the products will be segmented, targeted, and positioned in the market.

4. Who are the people you look up to?

I look up to my boss Sir Nick. He is very smart, visionary, and strategic. In terms of how he leads the organization, he inspires me to do work with professionalism, objectivity, drive, and focus. Learning from his leadership, I was able to continually manage everything I have now (which I am very grateful for) from work to my MBA to managing my personal life as I am starting a family with my wonderful husband Ed. I have so much to learn and I am blessed to be with the best.

5. What can you advise our readers?

Trust the process, always do your best and be relentless in everything you do. As you do the task at hand, act with velocity where your speed should always have the right direction. Maintain being self-driven, self-pressured, and result-oriented. Lastly, always remind yourself to be happy and cool.

6. What is your dream or goal in terms of being a citizen of this country?

My dream is to have PascualLab products in every home in the Philippines. In all products we developed, we made sure that these products help make strong healthy families, a vision that I really like with my company.

For more information, visit Pascual Consumer Healthcare Corporation.

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