Wednesday, June 30, 2021


by Margaret M. Sanchez

The last glimmer of hope of humanity has been snuffed out by one incorrigible pandemic, and as the world waits with bated breath for its Savior to return, the time has come to speculate about how the world will unravel in the coming years. 

Squelched by the scientific community and diminished by society at large, Astrology and its predictions and insights are often labeled as the stuff of woo-woo that quacks and charlatans embrace as gospel and preach. Since the practice is mainly based on exoteric interpretations of energetic forces from the planets, stars, other heavenly bodies, and mathematical points in our Solar System influencing Earth and our lives, it isn't hard to see why skeptics are quick to judge Astrology as fluff.

A Personal Journey

My own personal journey in the practice of astrology began back in the 80s in my early teens when the only astrology books I could get my hands on were Linda Goodman's Love Signs, Dane Rudhyar books, and some mainstream horoscope books I can't even recall. 

For my beginner years, Linda Goodman and Dane Rudhyar were my guides. As a point of reference, Love Signs was thicker than the Bible. For a young teenage girl in the 80s who, at that point, was more curious than skeptical about Astrology, learning about why the sexy Sagittarius boy I was crushing on was very flirty and direct but my Cancer crush was shy and vague about his intentions was the most intriguing and compelling aspect of astrology. 

That book and its 944 pages had more than enough information for a lovelorn young girl in High School to set in motion what she didn't know then would be the beginning of a long journey through the labyrinth of rabbit holes that astrology leads every true seeker and avid learner into. 

My studies in astrology continue until today as I am working on completing my certificate and diploma courses from various reputable international schools of astrology such as Kepler College. 

Throughout my journey, it is important to note that I put every single piece of astrological information I learned to the test. I observed people, their natal charts, world events, and planetary transits over and over again leaving no stone unturned until I was convinced that the technical practice of Astrology was true and consistent. 

I am not speaking of popular "meme-based" astrology scattered all over social media and across websites -- but the true practice of the craft which goes beyond your Sun sign and Rising sign or simply telling you when your next lucky break will be.

Essence of Astrology

More than 30 years later, I am now a professional astrologer and a teacher in my academy of astrology and because my first rule in astrology is the practice of non-judgment, I ask that you set modern judgments aside and open your minds to the ancient practice of astrology - a language that is now gaining a wider audience due to the new findings and the interest of ancient sacred texts.

Imagine the Moon and the ebb and flow of the tides. That relationship between the planets in our Solar System and our world is evident in how the phases and transits of the Moon directly affect the physical bodies of water on Earth. In a nutshell, that is how astrology works. 

We map the planets that move around Earth and interpret its effects on our lives, our minds, our emotions, the world at large and our individual lives, our past, our present conditions, and what the future holds. What most think of when they think of Astrology is that it is a form of divination that foretells the future events of a person's life or of global events and that's that. As much as that is true in this practice, it is not what I have come to realize to be the true purpose of Astrology. 

The essence of this practice is far-reaching. Its true purpose is to make plain to you the truth about who you are and to pierce through the veils that keep us otherwise ignorant and distracted by the mundane events of our daily lives. Astrology will not only tell you why it seems that your life has been repeating the same patterns or why your relationships always fall apart, but it will also tell you what the root cause of that problem is and how to neutralize them and bring them to balance. 

Moreover, it will show you in very clear terms, the higher purpose of your life's journey as seen with absolute clarity from the perspective of the cosmos. The bane of our existence is rooted in our short-sightedness and ignorance. We often falter when we lack understanding. Astrology gives you the opportunity to use this knowledge to navigate through life. It offers solutions to personal and global concerns that are in sync with the unseen, yet incontrovertible forces guiding and influencing Earth. 

Covid-19 is no accident

The economic crisis is part of our evolutionary cycles of time. As the current transit of Chiron left the sign of Pisces symbolizing the wounding through the birth channel and moved into Aries, the infant of the Zodiac, humanity is experiencing the painful transition from the comfort and darkness of a mother's womb to its first contact with new life on Earth heralding a fresh start and a chance to begin from zero and to take action towards creating a world that we want. 

It is no surprise that we hear all this talk about "manifestation" or "New Earth," "New Gaia," "the rise of the Divine Feminine" and "ascension" and the sudden resurgence of ancient sacred scriptures, the breaking down of the institutions that govern the world, the initiation of a new era: "The Age of Aquarius" - these all coincide with major planetary transits of Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto, Chiron, and Uranus which are clearing the path to make way for new life to begin. 

Transitions and big changes are never easy. For new life to begin, some lives must leave us behind. While we mourn over the lives destroyed and lost during the most devastating time in our generation's history, we look for something to cling to, some glimmer of hope, a reason to keep going and to believe that after this is all over, the world that we will build from this point forward will be kinder, gentler, and more sustainable than the last era. 

Perhaps, if we had more insight and foresight, if we could release the pain and work with doable solutions as Chiron in Aries, wounded babies of the zodiac, fight to survive and to believe in a world that has been relentless in crushing our hopes and dreams of a better future with the pure and unadulterated fervor and the vitality that Aries brings forth in its conception as we leave the darkness behind and face the rising Sun in Springtime. 

Astrology won't save the world, but it can provide us with a roadmap as we embark on uncharted territory. At this junction in our story, the time is apt for this ancient and sacred practice to help guide us through difficult times. 

Margaret Sanchez is an Astrology Professor at Astrologia Esoterica Academy.

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