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GOYO Ang Batang Heneral Continues to Use the Past as a Reflection of the Present | Beautiful Life

GOYO Ang Batang Heneral cast led by Paulo Avelino during the media launch on August 23, 2018 at the Novotel Manila Araneta Center.

This second installment of a war trilogy set during the Filipino-American War in the early 1900's is poised once again, to involve its audiences into that era of self-doubt, heroism or otherwise, a deep ramification of what could be true, with a touch of fiction, based on the sometimes misunderstood idealism. All of these contrasting components molded into one goal... to sacrifice for the love of country.  

GOYO Ang Batang Heneral is a continuation of Heneral Luna the movie, where the characters continued its revolution, and marches on against the Americans after the bloody death of  its protagonist, the brave, yet misunderstood General Antonio Luna.  The conflicted philosophies behind the heroic struggle continue, and becomes personified in the colorful character of General Gregorio "Goyo" del Pilar. 

The movie opens on September 5, 2018 at theaters nationwide.


Director Jerrold Tayog.

"For many, Gregorio del Pilar was a true hero of the revolution.  But for some, he was nothing more than an arrogant henchman of Emilio Aguinaldo.  Yet, his willingness to give up his life reveals a level of determination, and perhaps humility that cannot be easily dismissed.  For someone so young ( he was 23 years old), and popular to face death head-on, Goyo deserves to be examined using both a wider and a more intimate lens.

As the second part in an envisioned historical trilogy that began with Heneral Luna (2015), GOYO Ang Batang Heneral continues an attempt to examine our faults as a people by using the past as a reflection of the present.

With multiple points of view and the same characteristic freedom to move between historical fact and fiction as in Heneral Luna, GOYO expounds on themes of maturity and responsibility, contrasts the naivete of youth, with the sobriety of adulthood, and attempts to ask questions about our readiness for the task of nation-building.

How does one attain honor when facing certain death? What should a man like Goyo hold close to his heart when faced to make the ultimate sacrifice?"

Jerrold Tayog

Executive Producers: Fernando Ortigas, E.A. Rocha, Paulo Avelino, Joe Caliro, Quark Henares

Watch Official Movie Trailer:

Gen. Gregorio del Pilar - Paulo Avelino
Col. Vicente Enriquez  - Carlo Aquino
Joven Hernando - Arron Villaflor
Pres. Emilio Aguinaldo - Mon Confiado
Apolinario Mabini - Epy Quizon
Gen. Jose Alejandrino - Alvin Anson
Remedios Nable Jose - Gwen Zamora
Felicidad Aguinaldo - Empress Schuck

TIP: Watch Anglelito, the short film that connects Heneral Luna and GOYO (approx. 21 minutes):

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