Monday, September 3, 2018

Culinary Power Couple Chefs Jac and Rolando Laudico Releases their First Cookbook on Philippine Cuisine

Chef Rolando Laudico and Chef Jackie Laudico presents their cookbook, aptly called, "Flips Out!" during the media launch on August 28, 2018 at Guevarra's in San Juan.

Renowned Filipino chefs, Rolando and Jacqueline Laudico, releases Chef Laudico Flips Out!, a cookbook that features the couple’s own exciting takes on classic Filipino recipes, while staying true to the distinct taste of Filipino cuisine.

The unconventional concept of the book highlights a side-by-side feature on the traditional Filipino recipe.  To read Chef Laudico’s version, the reader has to flip the book. The food styling of each dish is also very distinct, as Chef Rolando mentioned that they did not limit the space by opting not to use plates. To the couple, creating each dish felt like a performance art, a very spontaneous process that they enjoyed.

Chef Laudico Flips Out! is now available at National Bookstore and Powerbooks.

The 132-page, full-color book is divided into two parts; Chef Rolando created the “savory” or the main dishes, while Chef Jacqueline created the desserts or the “sweets.” Some of their favorite recipes are the New Style Kinilaw, Bistek Steak, Tsokolate Oh, and Suman and Coconut Panacotta.

Watch Flips Out! cookbook media launch on FB LIVE here.

Chef Laudico explains the tasteful art prepared for each dish.


“Cooking is my language of love for the special people in my life. Chef Jac Laudico makes the experience of learning from her authentic and easy to absorb. I used to fear that a woman couldn’t possibly have it all, but in getting to know her, she’s showing me everything is possible. And it starts with loving what you do, caring for the ones you do it for, and supporting the ones you do it with. #lovelovelove”
– KRIS AQUINO, actress, talk show host, and producer

“As a regular diner in one of Chef Lau’s earlier restaurants, I was impressed by his different takes on traditional Filipino favorites. It’s a wonderful challenge as a home cook to have the recipes to try and recreate in my own kitchen.”
– JUDY ANN SANTOS AGONCILLO, actress, celebrity chef, and award-winning cookbook author of Judy Ann’s Kitchen 

“The book displays the back-to-back creativity of chef husband and chef wife who both push Filipino contemporary dishes and desserts using traditional classics, all while maintaining the true identity of our country’s cuisine.”
– GENE GONZALEZ, award-winning cookbook author and founder and president of Café Ysabel, Inc. and the Center for Asian Culinary Studies

Here are some dishes found in the cookbook:

New Style Kinilaw
Sinigang Bites
Sisig Baskets
Palabok Roll
Bistek Steak
Maja Blanca Cheesecake
Suman and Coconut Panacota


ROLANDO LAUDICO, better known as Chef Lau, is a Dean’s Lister alumnus of the Culinary Institute of America and has worked in numerous restaurants in New York, France, Sydney, and the Philippines. His loveand passion for Filipino food has earned him local and international praise and a chef judge stint in the Philippine edition of the global hit cooking shows MasterChef and Junior MasterChef and in Asian Food Channel’s The Amazing Food Challenge. A father of two, a husband to one, and rocker to all—Chef Lau continues to innovate, develop, and work hard in bringing Filipino cuisine the recognition it deserves. 

JACQUELINE JUAREZ LAUDICO started baking at the tender age of five and has never stopped since. She has trained under French master pastry chefs and is one of the country’s internationally awarded chocolatiers. Her advocacy for her native cuisine has broughther all over the world to numerous food festivals. She continues to develop traditional and modern Filipino breads and delicacies. Together with her husband, Chef Jackie runs several establishments, including Chef LaudicoGuevarra’s, OK Café, Patisserie Filipino, and Chef Laudico Catering. She is also a brand ambassador of numerous products and a loving wife to one and mother of two.

Enjoying the sample dishes prepared by Chefs Jackie and Rolando Laudico at Guevarra's, here with Monch Henares of Monchster Chronicles.