Friday, November 28, 2014

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Classic Cuban Sandwich

A few months ago, I watched a movie called "Chef", an American comedy-drama film produced, directed and starred in by Jon Favreau.  It was a story of a top chef who quit his high-paying job in a posh restaurant in LA, and started a food-truck business, selling.... guess what? Cuban sandwiches.  

In the movie, this mouth-watering panini with a thick slab of pork and melted cheese was called Cubanos.  After watching, I suddenly found myself craving for a Cubano. But where do we find those in Metro Manila?

With restaurant owner, Mr. Raton Del Gallego.

I was over-joyed to find out that Cafe Cubana in BF Homes, Paranaque serves authentic Cuban sandwiches.  They call it Classic Cuban Sandwich complete with thick cheese. Restaurant owner, Mr. Raton Del Gallego was also excited to let me try other new dishes at Cafe Cubana.  

Chorizos with four cheeses.

Huevos Cubanos

Chorizo and Olives Pizza

Heavenly desserts.

Well-Equipped Bar

Cuban feasts will not be complete without a full-range of cocktails, wines and liquor.  I have to say that Cafe Cubana is one fo the most attractive well-equipped bars I have been to. It also boasts of an interior that is cozy with decors from Cuban heyday to nostalgic items of this era.  Vintage Latin-American themed displays are quite an attraction.  Have I mentioned that the service was good?  It is worth the drive to go South of Metro Manille.



Ladies' night on Wednesdays, and I had fun with Angie Driskell and Joey Aldor.

Cafe Cubana is located along Aguirre Street, BF Homes Paranaque City. 
Telephone + 02 8077972

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