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Kasabay sa Lakbay, a Nostalgic Look at Petron's Service to Filipino Motorists

Fueling a Ford Everest Titanium at a Petron shrouded in fog. This gasoline station is a welcome sight to motorists in Sagada, Mountain Province, where refilling your almost empty gas tank is a challenge. 

Through more than 85 years, Petron has been an integral part of the Filipino narrative, through all the ups and downs and in the best and the worst times. Since 1933, it has remained resilient in the face of overwhelming challenges and rejoicing in the soaring successes of the Filipino nation.

What truly distinguishes Petron is its deep understanding of the needs of Filipino motorists, founded on a heritage of service that spans more than eight decades, serving generations of Filipino families. 

This is the theme of Petron’s new marketing campaign, “Kasabay sa Lakbay,” a sentimental journey through important life experiences where Petron has been the Filipino’s reliable partner.

Fueling the Nation

With its vast network of service stations, ranging from mega stations on major thoroughfares and highways to small, strategically stations in remote, rural areas, Petron has been serving the fuel needs of Filipinos. 

Keenly aware of evolving industry trends and the latest technological advances, Petron has always been at the forefront of fuel innovation. It has taken the lead in introducing fuel products that help protect the environment while ensuring optimum driving performance and delivering improved fuel efficiency. 

A scene at one of the ECO RUN events, testing Petron's fuel efficiency.

All Petron fuels – PetronBlaze 100 Euro 6, Petron Xtra Unleaded, Petron XCS, Petron Turbo Diesel, and Petron Diesel Max – are formulated and produced locally at Petron’s Bataan refinery, the largest and most advanced refining facility in the country. 

Petron was the first to offer a full range of Euro 4 gasoline and diesel fuels well ahead of the government’s deadline. Most recently, Blaze 100 was acknowledged as the best gasoline in the country, as certified by international laboratory tests and proven in actual field tests on local road conditions.

Fueling Journeys

Petron always puts the needs and welfare of consumers at the heart of its endeavors. This year, it launched its Fuel Wise campaign to help empower a more informed and more responsible population of Filipino motorists. 

Since the campaign’s launch, Petron has been traveling across the country to enjoin more motorists to learn and benefit from the campaign. 

Fuel Wise Campaign.

The spirit of service is embodied by the country’s longest-running motorist assistance program, Petron Lakbay Alalay. Manned by Petron employee-volunteers and now on its 33rd year, it has evolved into a road safety advocacy to ensure that holiday travelers enjoy safe and worry-free journeys.

Lakbay Alalay volunteers.

Especially on long holiday weekends when families and friends embark on road trips to neighboring provinces, Petron employees offer their time to serve at designated Petron Lakbay Alalay locations. There they offer free service checks to ensure vehicle road worthiness, free medical assistance, clean rest rooms, and even free goodies from partner establishments.

Fueling Hope

As a responsible corporate citizen, Petron is deeply committed to making a positive impact on the lives of others, especially on those who have less. 

Its flagship CSR program Tulong Aral ng Petron (TAP) provides a brighter future for the Filipino youth by fueling HOPE (Helping the Filipino Children and Youth Overcome Poverty through Education). 

Petron scholars.

It has provided scholarships to more than 16,000 students in elementary, high school, and college since 2002. Petron also helps its communities build the foundations for a better life through its programs on environment, health, entrepreneurship and livelihood.

Kasabay sa Lakbay

As a Filipino company, Petron has withstood the test of time and proven its steadfast commitment to Filipino motorists. 

Spanning almost three generations of drivers since 1933, it has been an integral part of our grandparents’ journey as the country recovered from the ravages of war and gained independence. It fueled our parents’ adventures through the rest of the century, and advanced with us into the new millennium powered by new technologies. 

Just as it has been a reliable and constant presence in our life journeys, Petron—Kasabay sa Lakbay—will continue to be there for the future generation of Filipino drivers. 

Photos: Monch Henares, and Petron Facebook Page.

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