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Glamorous Hotel Finds: Vitalis Villas brings Santorini to Ilocos Sur | Beautiful Life

Room deck view from Vitalis Villas facing Santiago Cove, Ilocos Sur, Philippines.

The sun sparkled on the blue sea, my eyes couldn’t get away from a vision I thought was a dream.

I knew that I should keep my eyes on the road, but the spectacle looming in front of us made me feel like I was driving straight to Santorini, Greece. But wait -- we were headed to Santiago, Ilocos Sur for a MonchsterTV and Phil. Daily Inquirer shoot, and I had to snap back from reverie as I realized that the white structure was our destination, the grandiose Vitalis Villas.

Santorini-like structure in Ilocos Sur is a luxurious resort by the sea.

Suddenly, the blueness of the BMW 320d MSport and of the sea merged as one. Yet, a small road uphill directed us to the white structure, which was also sprinkled in blue. The perfect backdrop for the Bimmer, I thought, and at the same time, I was in awe of its presence in this otherwise sleepy town of Santiago.  

I dressed in blue to match the color theme of the day for MonchsterTV's motoring review. 

Entering the spacious driveway, its white columns towering over us had a Greek-like pantheon structure, which actually was a banquet hall decorated with sculptures and paintings by Filipino artist Fred Baldemor.  

BMW 320d M Sport on the main driveway of Vitalis Villas for Monchstert TV and Phil. Daily Inquirer's car review.

We were welcomed by our personal butler named Tasha, who showed us to our two-bedroom villa, fit for a king and his court. Each villa had the luxury, complete with amenities of a five-star hotel, with a commanding view of the sea from our private balcony. 

The property is reminiscent of little towns in Europe.

The Bimmer found its perfect match at Vitalis Villas, not only because of its color coordinating shades, but it also matched its class, comfort, and luxury.  Just like the car, the villa was fully air-conditioned, making everyone inside cool, and comfortable, despite of the searing heat of the sun in this tropical country. 

Charming path leading to the sea.

So there we stayed for 2 days, having a blast taking photos at every angle of the Instagram-worthy vehicle and resort. It was also a pleasure to discover Vitalis White Sands, a separate beach property, 5 minutes away. There, we had our sunset shots, and we were taking advantage of the sun and sea flickering as its elegant back-drop. 

Vitalis White Sands is a property located across the cove, where water activities are held.

Our 2-Bedroom Villa

Together with my partner Monch Henares of MonchsterTV and writer for the Phil. Daily Inquirer's RoadTalk, we invited our crew Ted Claudio and Azrael Coladilla to shoot on location. We were here for a special motoring review by none other than motoring expert and auto engineer, the Monchster himself.

The spacious villa had two equally spacious bedrooms with two king-sized beds. Five-star amenities abound this Santorini-like resort.

Entrance to our 2-bedroom villa.
Bedrooms are in immaculate white.

Living room with steps going to the private bar and 2nd bedroom.
Dining area and a door to the powder room.
Kitchen with appliances and utensils. Guests are allowed to bring in food without corkage.
Shot from the sofa with door to first bedroom.
Shot from dining room with open door leading to private balcony.
Monch Henares and I enjoying our private balcony.

Petra Restaurant

Great food and service are essential in any hotel or resort. Vitalis Villas boasts of world-class facilities, and courteous staff who made sure that we get the best service.

The food is excellent. Quality is of the highest standards.

Entrance to Petra Restaurant.
Each table would have the best view of the resort and the cove.
Come in big groups. There's room for everyone.
Fresh salad served everyday.
Fresh bread made everyday at the boulangerie located within the property.
We got a little of everything.
The four-cheese pizza is to die for.

A fusion of Mediterranean, Spanish, Filipino, and European cuisine. We didn't know where to start.
Don't leave without trying the strawberry shortcake.
And more desserts that goes best with coffee.

The Pool

Gorgeous swimming pool.

I was very happy to see the glass-walled pool of Vitalis Villas, and immediately did what a mermaid is supposed to do. Swim with my mermaid tail on. Vitalis Villas is magical for mermaids as it even has a bronze mermaid sculpture on the beach front, by great Filipino artist Fred Baldemor.

"Sleeping Beauty" - a bronze mermaid sculpture on the beach front, by great Filipino artist Fred Baldemor.

Watch Video:

The perfect mermaid event place in the north. For more about Mermaid Arabelle, please click here

MonchsterTV crew form left, Azrael Coladilla, yours truly, Monch Henares, and Ted Claudio.

We left our hearts in Santiago, Ilocos, Sur. It was hard to pull-out of our Santorini reverie, but the drive back made up for it, as we once again enjoyed everything the BMW 320d M Sport had to offer.  The drive back home also gave us the opportunity to shoot arial videos and more action on the road by the sea, feeling its power and stylish comfort that Bimmers are known for.

This blog is a portion of our RoadTalk article entitled "Match Made in Heaven" by Monch Henares and Arabelle Jimenez published in The Philippine Daily Inquirer on October 14, 2018.

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