Monday, February 5, 2018

"The Greatest Showman" Empowers, Embraces Uniqueness in a Rare Movie Musical

Beyond the songs, the music, and dance, a great story-line full of heart, and relevance unfolds.

The Greatest Showman inspires, empowers and makes the audience dream. I enjoyed every line, and every step, that the talented, star-studded characters led by Hugh Jackman, portrayed.  

A well-suited lead for the role, Jackman showcased his triple threat talents (sing, dance, act) in this movie musical that one shouldn't miss. A versatile actor who can shed away wolverine, slipping in perfect character mode as the circus producer and marketeer PT Barnum. Jackman just proved once and for all, that his background in Broadway theater is a good foundation in show business. He ultimately made The Greatest Showman movie his new stage, contributing to its success.

Eye-candy, and multi-talented Zac Efron is the perfect business partner of Jackman, playing the role of Philip Carlyle. Another triple threat persona, Efron reveals to the audience once again his talents, reminiscing that of his High School Musical Days several notches higher.  His romantic role, and special number in the movie with mixed-race trapeze artist, Anne Wheeler (played by Zendaya) is another spectacle that was truly phenomenal.

The story's relevance in today's society reminds its audience to be happy in our own skin, to stand-up against bullying, and to make people happy.  Inter-racial romance, unrequited love, and a blunt reminder not to be blinded by fame and success makes the movie  pass the bar when it comes to filling up the "moral of the story" category.  It truly is empowering, for it motivates us to be proud of our uniqueness, and that it is ok to be different.  

The Greatest Showman is over-all a feel-good movie, which makes the audience continue to hum the catchy songs, and "sashay" a step or two, all the way out of the movie house.... the Director's Club in SM Megamall in my case.

Author with perrenial movie date, Monch Henares of Monchster Chronicles at the exclusive screening of "The Greatest Showman" on February 2, 2017 at the Director's Club of the SM Megamall, in Mandaluyong City.

Twentieth Century Fox, and SM Cinema are inviting mall-goers and fans alike to experience the spectacle of the melodic blockbuster, The Greatest Showman,  with its Sing-Along version exclusive in select SM Cinema theaters.  

Inspired by an American showman and founder of Barnum & Bailey Circus, the musical film depicts the birth of show business and portrays a creative who rose from nothing to create a spectacle that became a worldwide sensation.

Catch this special show of The Greatest Showman Sing-Along beginning February 7, 2018 at your favorite SM Cinema. 

Download the SM Cinema App in your mobile smartphones via Google Play and App Store. Photo: SM Cinema Facebook Page.

Book your tickets now through the website, or get the app and skip the line. Download the SM Cinema app now through the App Store and Google Play. Stay tuned to SMCinema on Facebook and @SM_Cinema on Instagram for more details.    

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  1. megashare9 - I'm not much for musicals but love the history of the circus which we no longer have because of political correctness. Anyway I really enjoyed this movie. I'm sure historians can find fault and the dance numbers obviously are more in tune with these days than the early 1900's. My favorite Jackman part sorry Wolverine fantastic comic fans but he was very good. The whole cast was enjoyable and there is a nice message in the movie as well about accepting who you are and never mind the upper class snobs. Just go see it and enjoy!!!
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