Friday, October 27, 2017

Sikat Pinoy National Arts and Crafts Fair Promotes Filipino Artisans Ripe for Global Market

Filipino artisans come together at Sikat Pinoy, one of the biggest arts and crafts fairs in the Philippines.

The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), in partnership with the Bureau of Domestic Trade Promotion (BDTP) opened its doors to the Sikat Pinoy National Arts & Crafts Fair with the aim to provide marketing assistance to Micro, Small, Medium Enterprises (MSME's) engaged in the creative industries all over the Philippines.

Over 280 exhibitors showcase their Piliping Piling Produktong Pilipino.

A stringent criteria passed the screening of exhibitors as it involved the Sikat Pinoy theme of Piling-Piling Produktong Pilipino. There are 280 exhibitors from the country’s 16 regions participating in the 2017 Sikat Pinoy National Arts & Crafts Fair, which started on October 26, and will run until Sunday, October 29, 2017 at the Megatrade Halls 1-3 of SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City. Admission is free.

Each region’s unique products will be represented...  fine jewelry from Bulacan, pearls from Mindanao, Filipino heritage cuisine, and a coffee pavilion with different coffee varieties. Millennial shoppers will be pleased to find that, although many of the products are made using traditional methods, they will have designs that are timeless and surprisingly trendy. For example, indigenous textiles and beads are used in place mats, table runners, shawls, bags, fashion accessories, home décor, and gift items.

A crowd gathers during the opening ceremony of Sikat Pinoy Arts and Crafts Fair on October 216, 2017 at the SM Megatrade Hall in Mandaluyong City.

“By giving the products of such entrepreneurs from the regions national exposure, we are helping them take the first steps to break through into the mainstream markets and, if they so desire, prepare their entrance into the more competitive global market," said Rhodora Leano,  DTI-BDTP Director.

Promoting Filipino Weaving Traditions

Noimina, a weaver from Maguindanao Province demonstrates traditional weaving called "Inaul". 

Centuries-old weaving traditions are in danger of disappearing with the commercialization and commodification of textiles in the Philippines. With the support of Senator Loren Legarda, Filipino women weavers will be a centerpiece at the fair, to emphasize the importance of reviving handwoven textiles and the use of looms by communities all over the Philippines. She notes, “Weaving is a delicate, specialized craft... a skill passed on from one generation to the other... we have a wealth of textile that reflects our rich culture and weaving traditions.”

Dancers from the T'Boli Tribe of Sarangani adds color at the opening ceremony of the Sikat Pinoy Arts and Crafts Fair.

From Luzon, there will be abel blankets from Ilocos Norte, crocheted products from La Union, ikat textiles from Ifugao, tingguian textiles and beads from Abra, as well as piña cloth from Camarines Norte. From the Visayas, women’s groups will bring their hablon fabrics and embroidered clothing from Iloilo, piña textiles and bariw bags from Antique, and basey mats and bags from Samar. From Mindanao, there will be Yakan woven products from Zamboanga City, malong from Maguindanao, and hinabol textiles from Bukidnon.

Turquoise jewelry.

To further educate Metro Manila mall goers, there will be a series of live demonstrations on indigenous and traditional weaving, embroidery, and embellishment techniques from the different regions.

Complementing the wealth of heritage and artisanal products on display, the fair will also be a “festival of the senses” with a daily program of onsite artistic performances, skills demonstrations, and entrepreneurship learning sessions.

Watch Facebook LIVE Opening Day, October 26, 2017 by Monch Henares.

Program of Activities:

Friday, October 27, the live programs will focus on food, as follows: 
11:00AM - Story of EchoStore (Pacita “Chit” Juan)
12:30PM - T’Boli Food Preparation (Lyn Lambago)
2:00PM - Philippine Culinary Heritage (Clang Garcia)
3:00PM - Story of G-Stuff (Jen Santos)
4:00PM – Tepo Mat, Tutup Food Cover (Tawi-Tawi Island Souvenir)
4:30PM - Muslim Mindanao Cuisine and Halal Food Preparation (Chef DatuShariffPendatun III)
6:30pm - Philippine Coffee Appreciation and Bartending (DTI-CAR)
8:00PM – Talk by weavers from different regions.

Saturday, October 28. the sessions will center on crafts and finance for MSMEs, with the following topics: 
10:30AM - MNL Perfumes (Mica Javier)
11:30AM - Pursuing Business in Design (Rachelle Leones)
1:00PM - Fair Trade and Handicrafts (Voltaire Alferez)
2:00PM - YabangPinoy (MaricrisSarino-Joson)
3:00PM - Finance Management for Business Entrepreneurs (Edwin Suson)
5:00PM – Talk by weavers from different regions
7:00PM - NACF Fashion Show.

The culminating activities on Sunday, October 29, will be a music and arts festival consisting of: 11:00AM –Watercolor on Canvass (Art Nebula)
1:30PM - Painting (Fernando Sena)
3:30AM - Youth Empowerment through the Performing Arts (Shirley Kimmayong)
4:30PM - Lemuhen Cultural Dance Troupe (Lyn Lambago)
5:30PM –Talk by weavers from different regions
7:00PM – Homeworkz mini concert featuring R&B Prince JayR, Kris Lawrence, Alcelle Santos, Mica Javier, Q-York, Bendeatha of Salbakuta, Francis Lim, and Deejay Poblete& Noah.

All the sessions are open to the public for free.

For more information, please call DTI-BDTP at 751-3223 or email