Friday, September 15, 2017

Olay Unveils New and Improved Line for the Modern Filipina

Ms. Universe Pia Wurtzback and Charo Santos-Cancio with Olay Philippines Team led by Brand Manager Chandana Sunder, and Prinicipal Science Expert David Khoo during the launch of Olay's new line held at Shangrila The Fort on September 12, 2017.

It was an exciting day to witness the launch of Olay’s newly re-engineered formulas at the Shangrila Hotel in Bonifacio Global City.  

Monchster's live interview of Olay's Brand Manager Chandana Sunder and Olay's Principal Science Expert David Khoo.

Present during the unveiling of this ageless beauty product were Olay's Principal Science Expert David Khoo, and Chandana Sunder, Olay's Brand Manager.

Stage demonstration of Olay's new re-engineered formula.
Actual skin tests at the laboratory set-up reveals the truth about our skin and how Olay can help address it.

The launch was inter-active with actual tests on stage and at the table with the audience. We tested the ordinary cream against the new formula of Olay, and saw the different changes. The Laboratory set-up was also a good way to test our facial skin and see for ourselves the level of need when it comes to skin care.

Olay White Radiance Light Perfecting Essence, Olay Total Effects Day Moisturizer SPF 15, and Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream

Having flawless, youthful skin is either by nature or nurture... or are you one of the lucky few gifted with perfect skin? Olay believes that the modern Filpina is at the top of things in doing what’s best for her. Now, anyone can have ageless skin thanks to the new and improved formulation for Olay White Radiance, Olay Total Effects, and Olay Regenerist.

The re-engineered formulas are backed up by thorough research and analysis from Olay’s Multi-decade and Ethnicity Study (MDE Study), together with Harvard Medical School’s Dr. Alexa Kimball. This extensive analysis of skin from a multitude of women of various age groups and ethnic backgrounds showed that 10% of women, dubbed as “the lucky few”, carry a genetic code for naturally beautiful skin that maintains its youthful look even as they age. Activating the skin’s genetic code to mimic that of the lucky few is exactly the breakthrough that Olay is eager to share with all women, because nothing should stop them from choosing to make their own luck.

Olay is Better than Ever

Olay’s re-engineered formulas now give that extra boost to let the skin’s youthful beauty shine through, while also giving the women of today the chance to take matters into their own hands.

The new Olay White Radiance Light Perfecting Essence with Pearl-Optics Complex enhances the skin’s dewy radiant aura. It does so by improving brightness, skin tone, and hydration, visibly reducing the appearance of dark spots over time. With this new formulation, you can look glowing and fresh, and feel confident even with minimal to no makeup.

The Olay Total Effects Day Moisturizer SPF 15 sets the bar higher in fighting the 7 signs of aging by further enhancing the skin’s natural self-renewal process. The Olay Total Effects series was the first mass skin care product to introduce the powerful anti-aging ingredient Niacinamide, but with Olay’s quest for improvement, the formula was boosted. The new Olay Total Effects now has VitaNiacin Complex II with Vitamins C, E, B3 and B5, along with having 50% more Vitamin E that serves as an anti-oxidant capable of defending the skin from free radicals known to cause skin-aging.

With the addition of Carob seed extract, the new Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream helps accelerate the recovery of aging skin, thanks to the added Glyco-Repair. This component activates the “ageless gene” pattern for that youthful-looking skin with reduced lines and wrinkles, and improved texture and elasticity. While also containing hyaluronic acid that aids in drawing moisture to keep your skin supple, the new Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream steps up its game as a new force in firmness. The re-engineered formula is designed to better plump skin resulting to reduced fine lines and wrinkles starting from day 1.

The Olay Promise

Many can attest to what Olay can offer, and with the grand reveal of its re-engineered line, three women stood out and took to heart what it means to #MakeYourOwnLuck.

Olay Brand Ambassadors Charo Santos-Cancio, Pia Wurtzbach and Janella Salvador.

Janella Salvador, is an actress and singer with many achievements in her name. Starting her career early proves to be a daunting and demanding task, but she powers through with hard work that has led her to be one of the fastest rising stars of her generation. She professes that she’s an introvert by nature, and there are also instances when she feels she has missed out on certain experiences common to girls her age. On the up side, she’s one to always see the best in what it means to follow one’s dreams. In terms of her career, she adds, “I know I’m very blessed to be in this position because I know many girls would want to be here, and so, that is what I always think about when I think of the things I missed out on.” Just as how she is able to overcome the stresses of a busy lifestyle, Janella trusts Olay White Radiance as her best bet for her skin.

Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach is proof that people can live out their dreams if they put their heart into it. With her parents’ separation, Pia has already gone through many hardships at an early age, but her drive and determination proved to be fruitful, as she has reached her goal of being crowned Miss Universe 2015. At some point, her own family was worried about the obstacles she had to go through due to the many failures involved, but she fought on despite the difficulty. She explains, “Confidence makes me feel beautiful. I don’t think a specific color or number of circumstances define your luck. What ever makes you feel the most confident will bring you all the luck.” With Olay Total Effects, Pia believes that she gets to win over each day with confidence.

Olay Regenerist has also found a fan in a seasoned veteran of the local showbiz industry – Charo Santos-Concio. Her constant curiosity and yearning to learn has led her to master her craft in acting, hosting, producing, and managing as she slowly went up the ranks as the 1st female president of the Lopez Group of Companies’ media conglomerate. She channels all her energy in personal growth, and she never lets her age stop her. “You can’t be defined by the world,” she quips, because age isn’t a factor in doing what you love to do. She claims, “No matter how scared I may be, if the situation calls for me to stand up for something, then I will.” Her timelessness transcends her work, and is also reflective of her ageless beauty thanks to her efforts to work towards what’s best for her – a true mark of a woman who believes in making your own luck.

Experience how it is to #MakeYourOwnLuck and discover the secret to younger-looking skin with the newly reformulated Olay White Radiance Light Perfecting Essence, Olay Total Effects Day Moisturizer SPF 15, and Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream available at Php1,299 SRP, Php799 SRP, and Php1,899 SRP respectively. 

Now available in Lazada and all major department stores. Learn more about the new line by following Olay Philippines in Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @OlayPhilippines.