Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Jeremy Passion Lives Up to His Name In Manila Performance

Jeremy Passion on stage at Teatrino, Greenhills.

As I am part of the chunk in what we now call the Generation X (born in the mid 60’s to early 70’s), I was bracing myself for a generation gap scenario when I was invited to watch Jeremy Passion Live in Manila.  My first reaction was… uuhmm.. Jeremy who? Then I made my own research of this YouTube sensation to quench my curiosity.  I felt better after watching his videos… I decided it was not much of a generation gap after all, as I am actually a fan of Ne-Yo, plus Jeremy’s soulful renditions of R & B covers melted my Gen X heart. 

On that pleasant evening of June 23, 2017, my friends and I, who were composed of Baby Boomers (I hope they don’t mind me revealing this), went to Teatrino in Promenade Greenhills to watch the concert of Fil-Am Jeremy Passion. The show, in partnership with, an events and promotions website, was a one-night-only spectacle that we wouldn’t want to miss.

The long queue at the entrance of Teatrino spoke volumes on the popularity of this YouTube star.  It dawned on me that Millenials are following YouTube entertainment more than celebrities on TV and radio, which, during our time were the only platforms available to us.  It is a good thing.  Yes, appreciation for real talents are now easily accessed through the internet, anytime, anywhere.

One would then feel the excitement of his fans when they were given the opportunity to watch Jeremy Passion in the flesh.  Born and raised in San Francisco, USA, Passion is a singer, song writer and producer.  A Filipino at heart, he reveres his mother, and even composed a song dedicated to her. The song, entitled “32” was so touching, I will not deny that a tear rolled down my cheek.  It was so beautiful as the song was about his gratitude towards his mother. On the lighter side, why was it entitled 32? According to him, his mother always replied she’s 32 each time someone asked her age. I would admit, my mother does the same thing, too.

Full house. Excited fans awaiting Jeremy Passion to come out on stage.  Photo credit:

His performance at Teatrino was truly captivating.  A solo performer who is a genius with his acoustic guitar, Jeremy is one to behold. His voice was perfect in each song, and the way he connects to his audience made the show more intimate.

His fans were singing together with him to songs he composed, like “Lemonade” and “Well Done.” I truly enjoyed listening to his compositions. Plus, his covers of Ne-Yo hits like “So Sick”, and Destiny’s Child’s “Cater 2U” just made the crowd want for more.

His fans did have more of him.  After the show, Jeremy had a meet and greet with a line that stretched as long as Timbuktu.  His excited fans waited patiently until it was their turn to have a warm hug, and a perennial selfie with him.

Music is universal.  An art that keeps people alive and live harmoniously together, no matter the difference of style or beat during their generation. Passion, living up to his name, is the kind of performer we need to see more of today. 

It is heart-warming to know that Jeremy can bridge this gap through his sheer talent, for each song was rendered with sincerity, passion, and with a lot of heart.

Images by Monch Henares

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