Sunday, November 6, 2016

Globe Pursues Protection of Taal Lake and Eco-System

Australian sailor Michael Storer, gives a lecture on safety before beginner students handle the sails.

A volcano within a lake. Only an hour's drive from Manila, visiting another part of the famed Taal Lake is a refreshing adventure.  The less popular route to Balete, Mataas na Kahoy in order to reach Pusod Taal Lake Conservation Center (Pusod TLCC), is truly a hidden journey to one of the best spots in the perimeter of the lake.  Directly opposite of hilly Tagaytay, this area has a commanding view of the sunset, and the greenery of its surrounding forest.

Pusod Taal Lake Conservation Center offers various water sports.

Leading telecommunications company Globe partners with Pusod, Inc. by way of working together to protect Taal Lake, and educate its coastal communities.  One of Globe's corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities, it aims to protect and enhance the ecosystems in the Philippines.

Aptly called "pusod" the navel of Batangas, this circular body of water needs to be cleaned up.  Different measures of management to pursue its protection have been in effect in recent years.  Supported by Globe, private companies and the local government, it still needs more funds to maintain its worthy program. 

Author with Globe executive Apple Evangelista with officers of the Philippine Bloggers Network (PBNET), before embarking on the sailboats.

Globe shares the same advocacy with Pusod, Inc.  "We call our CSR activities Globe of Good," said Apple Evangelista, CSR Manager of Globe Telecom. "Our core value in preserving the environment and helping the fishermen surrounding Taal Lake by way of giving them opportunities, and discover other means of livelihood are welcomed by the community."

Aling Bessie is one of the coastal residents who found a new livelihood by catering to Pusod TLCC guests, using traditional cooking stoves and oven.
In order to augment the environmental project, Pusod TLCC started to open its doors to adventure enthusiasts.  Water sports activities at the center, and an overnight stay is possible by camping out under the stars. Neighboring Kapit Pusod is a sanctuary that allows guests in a cocoon-like bedroom beside a natural water pool straight from the mountains.

Water sports include kayaking, sailing, paddle boarding, wind-surfing are conducted by professional instructors, Tono Legarda and Michael Storer.

Ann Hazel Javier, Executive Director of Pusod, Inc.

"We are vigilant in protecting Taal Lake, and its eco-system," said Ann Hazel Javier, Executive Director of Pusod, Inc. "A protection management program has been developed, which also include education to residents of coastal communities," she added.

The belly-button, or "pusod" is the deepest part of the body, a lifeline that is connected to our hearts.  It is calling for our attention to take care of it.

Paddle boarding with instructor Tono Legarda with the majestic sunset as backdrop.

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