Wednesday, September 16, 2015

TV5 Launches Bilang Pilipino 2016: A 360-Degree Coverage of the Philippine Presidential Elections

Noel Lorenzana, TV5 President and CEO

The 2016 presidential elections is anticipated to be the fastest, deepest election coverage using all platforms; TV, radio, print, digital, mobile and social media.

"This will be a 360-degree coverage as only the Kapatid Network can deliver," TV5 President and CEO Noel Lorenzana said.  "In partnership with PLDT, Smart, Cignal, Philippine Star, BusinessWorld, Radyo Singko,, and Bloomber Philippines, Bilang Pilipino will deliver news, information, opinion, and insights about the elections wherever and however Filipinos consume content."

Bilang Pilipino will be on TV, radio, cable, cellphones, computers, tablets, and newspapers. News5 Head, Luchi Cruz-Valdes promised "the fastest, deepest, and most credible election coverage".  It will also be real-time, engaging with everyone over the power of social media.

Engaging Filipinos. Each voter has a voice using digital and social media platforms.

The catchy term "Bilang Pilipino 2016" signals three things:

First, it speaks of content:  It will be heavy not just of facts, but with numbers.  It commits to a data-driven content to assure audience of reliable information and insights.

Second, it speaks of a mission:  Every vote, every voter, every Filipino counts.

Third, it is a call to action:  As Filipinos, we are all called to be responsible, to take the elections seriously, to think beyond the elections for the betterment of our nation.

The coverage campaign is expected to reach more than 75 million subscribers of PLDT, Smart, Sun and TalknText, more than 11.2 million combined fans and followers on Facebook and Twitter, and millions of registered mobile users empowered over Voyager's free-data Safeszone community.

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