Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Aiyanar in the Philippines is Home to Scuba Diving Hall of Famers

By Arabelle Jimenez

Reef Fish Identification, Tropical Pacific. Authors: Ned DeLoach, Paul Humann, Gerald Allen, Roger Steene.

Anilao, located in the town of Mabini, Batangas in the Philippines, is a macro u/w photographer's haven, and at the same time, a wide-angle enthusiast's paradise.  Its marine life is rich and diverse, making it among the premiere diving destinations in the world.  

Aiyanar Beach and Dive Resort, known for its sprawling facilities in Anilao, Batangas, enjoy the influx of noted underwater photographers from different parts of the world. Recently, it was a star-studded week of award-winning divers, and Scuba Diving Hall of Famers,  making it one for the books, so to speak. The resort is known for a professionally-run dive operator with friendly staff and dive guides or "spotters" who will take discriminating underwater photographers to where they traveled far and wide for.

Scuba Diving Hall of Famer, Lynn Funkhouser, celebrates 40 years of  diving  explorations, placing the Philippines in the world diving map.  She is flanked by Aiyanar's Tessa Neri, her lovely daughter Andie and Resident Resort Manager, Joyce Villarosa.

It is no surprise that leading reef fish identification authors and Scuba Diving Hall of Famers, Ned DeLoach and Paul Humann were at Aiyanar for a week-long exploration for their continuing quest of discovering and identifying tropical Pacific fishes.  Ned, carrying 40 years of adventure diving, has published 11 books.  Paul, an attorney by profession, revolutionized diving vacations in the early 70's, and never looked back.  He and Ned collaborated on eight marine life ID books. Both gentlemen live in Florida, USA.

With Aiyanar's Sales and Marketing Manager Marco Lacson, and authors Paul Humann and Ned DeLoach.
Looking at Lynn Funkhouser's photos of sharks with Aiyanar's in-house Dive Instructor Klaus Stiefel, authors Paul Humann, and Ned Deloach.

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