Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Lakan is Ready for the World

Named after a warrior-ruler who embodies strength and nobility, Lakan - Extra Premium Lambanog, is the multi-stage handcrafting of coconut nectar into liquor.  But more than the ordinary lambanog, Philippine Craft Distillers, Inc. (PCDI), is proud to announce Lakan, a liquor of true Filipino spirit, ready for the world to indulge in.

Created during pre-colonial times, lambanog is neither wine, nor gin, nor vodka, but a class of its own.  Coconut plantations in the Philippines are vast and productive, that making a spirit we can call our own is a success in the liquor industry waiting to happen.

After a decade of product research and development, the prime movers of PCDI created Lakan - Extra Premium Lambanog.  A liquor unique to the islands of the Philippines, Lakan is handcrafted using a proprietary multi-stage distillation process uniquely developed by the company.

A world traveler who has experienced the best from different countries and tasted wonders that each culture has to offer, he knows that the finest spirits are craft-distilled by real artisans, and not the ones mass-produced by industrial distilleries.

Practically, all human senses are used to scrutinize the product at every possible level to create the pure, clean, and natural liquor.  As it takes tens of coconut trees and a meticulous process to make one bottle, this exceptional liquor can only be produced in limited quantities of peerless, exquisite quality.

Overflowing spirit aroma but sweet to the nose, with a jammy fruit and vanilla taste to the palate, Lakan has a long and smooth finish.  A 750 ml bottle costs Php 3,500 and has 45% alcohol content. Great to mix with different concoctions like juices, sodas, grenadine to make fantastic cocktails.

Cheers to a lambanog that is tasteful and moreover, classy, because every  Filipino and traveler deserve only the best.  It can be found in a bottle that comprises the strength and nobility of Lakan.

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