Sunday, October 19, 2014

vOffice Open for Business in Makati

A vOffice or virtual office is actually not found in cyberspace, rather, it is a physical office a businessman or entrepreneur can go to. For as low as 700 Pesos an hour rental fee, you have a meeting room good for eight people. 

My team, the Philippine Bloggers Network (PBNet) have recently announced the opening of the first vOffice located at posh BGC, but today, we are happy to inform you that the Makati vOffce is now ready for business. Located at the Penthouse of Mavenue Building along Makati Ave., Makati (across A. Venue), you wouldn't have thought that this rustic white building holds a modern and well-equipped office on the top floor. 

Complete with a reception area, with two friendly office assistants who also do secretarial services, the vOffice comprises of 3 Suites with 12.5 sqm each room, and can hold six desks. It has a conference room good for eight persons with a huge TV screen and white board. 

A co-working area with 10 desks that is rented per hour is convenient for the solo businessman and professionals. 

One will not miss the open-door terrace that also serves as a function area. 

Working at home is convenient, but having a physical office from time to time is helpful in many ways, too. To learn more about the vOffice, package rates and secretarial services, please click here. 

vOffice Penthouse, Mavenue Building Makati Avenue
Makati City Philippines