Thursday, October 30, 2014

Creature Fest at Resorts World Manila

The spirit of Halloween is well, and hauntingly alive at Resorts World Manila, the country's first and leading tourism and entertainment hub.  

By way of an attractive exhibit at the ground floor of the Newport Mall, different forms of creatures from monsters to warriors to LEGO dioramas are on display for the whole family to enjoy.  The exhibit runs until the 2nd of November, so don't forget to swing by.

Scale-models and busts of Marvel's Green Goblin and Venom, Drake and Reaper Marquette from the movie, "Blade" are among those on display, as well as Uruk-Hai orc soldier and the legendary Balrog from "The Lord of the Rings Trilogy".  Feel the spookiness of the Halloween season with the Predator and the life-sized statue of "Star Wars" villain Darth Vader.  These are but a few of the amazing creatures to be found in the open-for-all exhibit.

The young and the young at heart will also enjoy the LEGO dioramas depicting Trick or Treat and a Haunted Medieval Village, which is my personal favorite.

Jay Sia, artist and creator of Halimaw Sculptures

The RWM's Creature Fest is in collaboration with Carlo Ople of Unbox, Ren Cayetano of Maxicollector, Jay Sia of Halimaw Sculptures, and the Philippine LEGO Users Group and LEGO Ambassadors.

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