Monday, August 4, 2014

A Virtual Office That Exists for Mobile Entrepreneurs

PBNet enjoys vOffice facilities during membership meetings.

Many modern entrepreneurs work virtually, meaning, doing business mostly using the internet and is always mobile, connecting to clients and products in cyber space.  In today's world where one can do business from home to anywhere in the world, having a base office that one can go to say once a week or just to meet clients in a corporate environment can come in handy.  

The birth of VOffice Philippines caters to just that.  But moreover, they have built a comfortable physical office that can compete with the most modern ones.

The vOffice is equipped with a conference room, a lobby with a receptionist, telephone, fax, email and mailbox services, a private office, and of course, a complete pantry to brew your nice cup of coffee. One cannot go wrong in completing a good-running business when there is an existing physical office to go to.  

Rafael Pekson, Corporate Secretary of PBNet, take down notes on the modern white board.

Running a company need not be stressful in looking for a place to rent every month, adding up costs in everyday expenses.  The discovery of a vOffice which can be amenable and suitable for the businessman in you is perfect for this.  Sometimes meeting in coffee shops can be a pain in the long run or can even be more costly.  Why not invite your clients at your vOffice and make use of the conference room over a cup of coffee?

Reception area.

VOffice Philippines has one located at the prestigious Bonifacio Global City and they are building another in Makati.  For more information, please click here.

vOffice Philippines Inc.,
Level 10-1 Fort Legend Tower
31st Street cor 3rd Avenue
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

Photos courtesy of Ted Claudio.