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Mermaids and dolphins love each other.  It is a statement proven when I went to participate at Project MOM: Mermaids On a Mission, during Mother's Day weekend in Subic.  As a Mermaid Swim Coach, this is a very meaningful activity for me, because not only did I swim with dolphins, but together with fellow mermaids, helped raise funds for the sick, wounded and stranding marine mammals.

United in saving dolphins. (l - r) Dr. Lem Aragones of PMMSN, 
mermaid coaches Karla Fukui and Odessa Bugarin, PMSA founder Normeth Preglo, 
mermaid coaches Jasmine Santiago and  yours truly, with Ocean Adventure's VP Gail Laule.

It was of great pleasure for us to have this fund-raising event for our chosen charity, the PHILIPPINE MARINE MAMMAL STRANDING NETWORK based at OCEAN ADVENTURE, in the beautiful Camayan Wharf, Zambales.  PMMSN was established in 2002, headed by marine scientist and IESM - UP Diliman academe Lemnuel V. Aragones, PhD, in cooperation with Ocean Adventure's VP and animal behaviorist, Gail Laule, M.A.  The aim is to help and build a nationwide effort in rescuing stranding marine mammals, like dolphins, whales and dugong, who are found sick or wounded in the Philippine archipelago shores. They are being nursed at Ocean Adventure, which boasts of the only rescue and rehabilitation facility in the world located in open water, and the leading organization of its kind in South East Asia.
PMSA founder Normeth Preglo, Ocean Adventure VP Gail Laule, mermaid volunteer Alyssa Mendoza,
animal trainer William Ross, and Dr. Lem Aragones, consultant in marine science,
conservation, education and research.

The PHILIPPINE MERMAID SWIMMING ACADEMY coaches from Boracay and Manila came together as volunteers, conducting mermaid swim classes, and donating all of the proceeds to PMMSN.  It was the first-ever fund raising effort, and I commend my fellow mermaids for raising Php 25,000.00 over the weekend and donating it in full for the welfare of stranding dolphins, Valentina, Scarlet and Phina, who are currently being nursed at Ocean Adventure. This will help a lot in purchasing medicines, feeds and round-the-clock maintenance for these lovely marine mammals.
Mermaid swim coaches: Arabelle Jimenez, Odessa Bugarin, Karla Fukui, Jasmine Santiago,
Normeth Preglo,  Anamie Saenz, and Krisna Ocong.

What is a stranding marine mammal?
As the Philippines have 26 species of cetaceans (dolphins, whales and endangered dugongs), the rate of stranding marine mammals is quite high. Stranding is the term used when animals, run aground helpless.  They go to shallow waters and are washed ashore due to illness, are wounded or lost.  If alive, they need immediate help and should be under the care of human experts.  If found dead, the carcasses are brought in for further studies, collecting data, learning the cause of death and ecosystems possibly affected.
Valentina is a spinner dolphin who was rescued on Valentine's day.  She is recovering very well.

To learn more about strandings, animal welfare and join workshops, please contact PMMSN through their Facebook Page by clicking here.  Ocean Adventure Subic Bay is a great place for the whole family to visit, plus, it is dedicated in rescuing and rehabilitating stranding marine mammals.   Check out their Facebook Page by clicking here.
Ocean Adventure Subic Bay, has the only open-water rescue and rehabilitation facility in the world.

The Philippine Mermaid Swimming Academy: Birth of a Fantasy

Mermaids… the word is synonymous to ethereal beauty, femininity, grace, tranquility and adventure. A true daughter of Mother Nature, we can only fantasize their sublime presence … until today.  Yes, mermaids now live amongst us! Thanks to three beautiful women whose passions are for the love of the oceans and the advocacy of teaching Filipinos be confident in water, the Philippine Mermaid Swimming Academy (PMSA) is born. The birth of a fantasy opened in Boracay on November 2012, headed by Dive Instructor, Normeth Preglo together with Boracay based Anamei Saenz and Franziska Limmer.  
PMSA featured in BBC News.  Watch video:

Conducting classes in the pool and the beautiful waters of Boracay, the response was overwhelming!  Men, women and children swam in colorful mer-tails, and enjoyed the water while basking in the sun. PMSA Coaches not only teach them how to swim like mermaids, but educated their students to develop the love of nature, care for the environment, and appreciation of marine life.  In less than a year, PMSA has opened in Manila and recently in Cebu.
Co-founder Anamie Saenz, watches over a mermaid class and photo shoot with mermaid
coaches Lesley Dimson, Rozie Delgado, Odessa Bugarin and Karla Fukui, who also manages PMSA Manila.

PMSA boasts of a mermaid swimming faculty of coaches, who are Certified Scuba Divers, Experienced Free Divers and Competitive Swim Champions.  These qualities make PMSA excel from traditional swim camps. A common denomination of these women is their love of water, their quest for adventure, and concern for marine life, possessing true mermaid souls.
For mermaid swimming lessons, birthday parties and photo shoots, please leave a message in the Facebook Page of your location by clicking the links below:
Philippine Mermaid Swimming Academy - Boracay
Philippine Mermaid Swimming Academy - Manila
Philippine Mermaid Swimming Academy - Cebu

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